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Puyleart Brothers
A Family Building for Families

Puyleart Brothers Construction is a small company with Scott, Shawn, and Chris Puyleart the owner operators of the company. We are one of the few truly hands-on builders in the area. We do all of the framing, siding, and finish carpentry on all of our projects.

By doing this we get to be on the jobsite during all phases of their projects. We pride ourselves on quality not quantity and approach every project as if it were on our own home.

We keep the lines of communication open to everyone during our projects to make sure that everything is exactly the way it should be; your picture perfect home.

About Puyleart Brothers Construction, LLC

Puyleart Brothers Construction was established in 2001 by Scott and Shawn Puyleart. We joined the Brown County Home Builders Association in that same year. Scott and Shawn are, of course, brothers. Scott and Shawn worked for several years in the construction industry before going out on their own to create Puyleart Brothers Construction. We started out with just enough tools, a wealth of knowledge learned and endless amounts of ambition.

The first couple of years were spent doing many jobs; framing homes for other builders, odd jobs for anyone, as well as siding and roofing for other builders. Over those couple of years we made a lot of good relationships, and built a few houses along the way. We seemed to always have the same reactions from customers after every project. They couldn’t believe we were so young, at that time Scott was twenty-five and Shawn was twenty-three. Customers were really impressed with our dedication and the quality of work that was done.

History of Puyleart Brothers Construction, LLC

Meet Scott Puyleart

Scott graduated from Green Bay East High School in 1995. While attending high school he started out in the construction industry, at the age of 17, with local cabinet maker Valley Cabinet. The summer after graduating high school he took a job with a basement contractor as a general laborer. He then went to the University of Wisconsin Platteville where he studied Building Construction Management. During his time there he continued to work for the basement contractor for two years during his breaks from school.

After that he decided he wanted to move onto carpentry. To get started in that he got a job with Murphy Development, Inc. as a framer. After a few years with them he was hired by a local home builder, Ken Baumgart of Baumgart Construction. Ken was a great mentor to him teaching Scott many tricks of the trade, and helping him hone his skills as a carpenter. Scott stayed there through 2000 when he decided he wanted to start his own business in 2001. Within the business Scott has continued to grow as a carpenter, and has become the face of the company with his involvement in other things. Scott also takes on the role of project estimator for custom homes and renovations. He is the project manager for the clients he is the contact for on top of being an everyday worker on the jobsite.

Shawn graduated from Green Bay East High School in 1998. He began his career in the construction industry right out of high school working for Murphy Development, Inc. Shawn worked there for three year becoming an excellent framer with a wealth of knowledge about how things work. After that Ken Baumgart decided he needed another quality employee, and Scott told him about Shawn. Shawn got hired by Baumgart Construction and continued to expand his knowledge of building.

After just six months with Baumgart Construction, Shawn jumped at the opportunity to go into business with his brother as home builders. Since the birth of the business Shawn has continued to expand his knowledge as a carpenter and has become the expert carpenter of the crew. Shawn takes on roles other than carpentry in the business as the lead accounting officer and leader on the jobsite.

Meet Shawn Puyleart

Chris graduated from Green Bay East High School in 1999. While attending high school he started out in the construction industry with local cabinet maker Valley Cabinet. Chris worked there for three years on and off while attending St. Norbert College. After that his brothers decided they wanted to hire Chris as their first employee. Scott and Shawn taught Chris everything they knew about home building and carpentry. Over the next five years Chris became an integral part of the Puyleart Brothers team, and Scott and Shawn asked him if he wanted to become their partner.

As a partner in the business now, Chris has continued to expand his knowledge as a carpenter, and a business owner. His integral role on the jobsite has grown into managing projects and running the jobsite when necessary. He also has become the lead marketing officer making decisions on the look of the website, running the social media pages and coordinating all the advertising the business does. Chris is a project estimator and manager for custom homes and renovations in addition to all the other duties he takes on.

Meet Chris Puyleart

With increasing workload, there arose a need for extra help. In early 2003 Scott and Shawn brought their brother Chris onboard, as an employee, to help them out. Over the next few years we built a lot more houses, and filled in down time framing for other builders. It seemed we were honing our skills and gaining more knowledge with every house we built. If you came out to our jobsite you would see us doing a lot of the work ourselves; making us, truly, a hands-on builder. We do all of our own framing, siding and finish carpentry on every project. When we have time we also paint, hang sheet rock and install tile and hardwood floors. This gives us great quality control, and helps us ensure that our projects run smooth and stay clean.

For a few years the home industry was fairly slow, so we got into doing more remodel and addition projects, as well as work for others; framing, siding and finish carpentry. This proved to be a good learning experience for us. People have said that addition and remodel projects are not fun. We found, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. These projects may be a little bit more difficult than a new house, but that challenge is what makes them fun for us.

In late 2008 and early 2009 Scott and Shawn decided that they wanted Chris to become a partner in the business as well. As our business has grown over the years in late 2013 we decided it was time to start hiring employees. Right now we have two employees the help us with all of the framing, siding and finish carpentry as Scott, Shawn and Chris are still on the job site everyday doing all the same things they love to do; what has made them successful. One of the employees has been with the company since May of 2014 and the other was a new hire in June of 2015. We continue to grow and move forward while holding onto what has gotten us to this point.

While becoming a member of the Brown County Home Builders Association (BCHBA) in 2001 as a builder; Scott had a want to get more involved in the association, and he started by going to all the open meetings. He was well liked there and got nominated to run for a position on the board of directors. Over the next few years he continued to give his input and help the association continue move in the right direction. He served as the 2010 BCHBA President.

Now Scott continues his networking while attending regular membership meetings for the BCHBA.